Best Athletic Swimsuits For Women

Who said style and comfort cannot walk together? Gone are the days when style came at the cost of comfort. Now, you can have the best of both the worlds, that too in premium quality.

We all know that strapless swimsuits and itty bitty bikinis are a great way of flaunting your flat abs and showing off your hard work at the gym but they aren’t practical when it comes to serious swimming.  Serious swimming asks for purpose-built designs; mostly sports one-piece swimsuits. In the past, it was not easy to get your hands on a piece that is stylish and practical in equal parts. Times have changed now and everyone gets what they need.

The good news is that a lot of swim designers have started to connect with the athleisure market and are coming up with swimwear that lets you stay active and look chic. You must be wondering what all the fuss about being practical and comfortable in swimwear is? Well, the latest activewear technology is all about anti-compressions fabric, the material is moisture-wicking and it provides UPF protection—you certainly don’t want to get harmed by the ultra-violet rays under the blazing Sun.


What does a practical swimsuit mean?

In simple words, a practical swimwear will let you perform optimally. We all know that swimming in any swimwear is possible but it is just like you going to the gym in jeans and a sweater. Can you imagine how it would be if you had to work out in anything but your gym gear? The same applies to swimwear.

A proper swimwear will be an appropriate fit. If it is too tight it will hinder your ability to swim with full force motion and proper technique. Similarly, if the swimwear is big on your body, it will slow you down and jeopardize your swimming abilities. Moreover, you do not want to get your body chaffed while doing intensive swimming laps. Chaffing results because of the repetitive rubbing of the fabric against your skin. An ideal swimwear will be a comfortable fit, with nothing rubbing against your skin, straps that wouldn’t impede your hands and shoulder movements, and a full-coverage backside that wouldn’t ride up while you are doing your job.

Sensing how difficult it must be to go through so many brands and land with a piece that best suits your choice and needs, we have done the difficult part for you. We have done a thorough research and compiled a list of some of the best swimwear currently hitting the markets. E promise, you will rock the waters in these pieces!


Speedo Women’s Turnz Printed One Back One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that fits impeccably and has some of the best designs to make you stand out of the crowd, speedo should be your number one choice. This swimsuit combines everything in the proper ratio; the comfort, the design, and the cheerfulness that its colorful pattern exhibits.

Speedo is an iconic brand without a doubt. It has come up with this zesty pattern that is perfect for summer swims and successfully puts boring one-piece swimwear at a competition. A consistent fit and cheery pattern is all you need this season!


TYR Women’s Perseus Diamond fit Swimsuit

If you are bored with solid colored swimsuits and don’t want to test your loyalty with TYR, we have some good news for you. TYR has come up with an abstract print, a single-piece swimsuit that promises to last you for ages. This swimsuit can last you up to a year with 9000 to 10000 yards of intense swimming each week. Whoa, doesn’t this sound like a great buy?

The durability of swimsuits depends upon the polyester content. The higher the polyester, the more durable the swimsuit will be. Most swimsuits are a blend of spandex and polyester in equal proportions. This swimsuit by TYR with an eye-catching abstract print claims to have 94% polyester which is by far the highest any swimsuit has boasted to have.


Dolphin Women’s Ugliest String Back One-Piece Swimsuit

Don’t let the name deceive you. For anyone who wishes to stand out from the crowd, this ugliest string back one-piece swimsuit is a must buy. These 90’s inspired swimsuits come in zany colors to satiate the style guru dwelling inside you.

This unique collection by Dolphin swimwear promises you limitless hours of swimming with comfort and support. The swimwear features candy-striped binding which is the brand’s signature style and thin but durable straps that allow minimum tan lines on your skin. Furthermore, the brand promises that the swimsuit will hold its shape and its color won’t fade away, swim after swim.


Beach Break Paddle suit by Lulu lemon

An attention call for all those women swimmers who love to surf and snorkel. Lulu lemon has brought you a specially designed swimsuit to meet all your needs. This swimsuit makes you look stylish and sporty.

The swimsuit is specifically designed with perforated panels to allow the water to flow with ease. This also helps in preventing the nasty chafing on the stomach. The paddle suit features fabric that is stretchable in four ways and provides UV protection. The design includes zippered pockets to fit all your cards and keys and a long zipper pull for easy changing of clothes. The material is a blend of Nylon and Lycra Extra Life in the ratio of 73% to 27% respectively.


Nike Swim Polyester Cut-Out Tank Swimsuit

This swimsuit means serious business with its solid-colored design. The streamlined design of this cut-out tank swimsuit lets you concentrate completely on your stroke and performance and not the suit. It is the best example of when comfort meets durability. The thin straps are stretchable and do not dig deep into your flesh. This swimsuit lasts hours and hours of intense swimming without giving out on the color or shape.

We all are familiar with Nike and how its products have never failed us. This time again Nike has been faithful to its consumers. This tank swimsuit has been designed after getting feedback from professional women swimmers. The latest design of this swimsuit comes with an ice blue lining for modesty. So, Let us JUST DO IT

Best athletic swimsuits for women

Freestyle Camo One Piece

If you prefer single piece swimwear, try this camo style swimsuit from Athlete. The swimsuit is designed with a neckline that reduces the water flushing through while you are busy doing laps after laps. It comes with an adjustable back tie which lets you make it a custom fit. The YCRA® XTRA LIFE™ SPANDEX. Ultra-resilient fabric makes this swimsuit a comfortable fit and durable for a longer time than any of its competitors.

The material of this camo one-piece swimsuit is rated 50+ UPF which means it provides excellent protection. The manufacturer’s boasts of using recycled Nylon helps in reducing the impact on the world. The best thing about this swimsuit is that it dries out in a flash. This is the most comfortable and sought-after attribute while selecting a swimsuit.


Trefoil Swimsuit

How can Adidas not make it to our list of the best swimsuits? This swimsuit is a special edition that puts Adidas’s trefoil logo at the front and center of the swimsuit. The swimsuit is made up of super stretchy material with an open back. The high leg cuts add style and comfort to the swimsuit. The swimsuit comes in a range of pleasant colors.



The markets are packed full of a lot of variety of active swimwear. You need to prioritize your needs and then go for the one that best suits you.