10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Teeth

signs you're obsessed with your teeth

What’s the first thing you notice about another individual? Odds are your eyes are probably instinctively looking at their smile. You, and well more than half of the population. In fact, it’s been reported that nearly 78% of all individuals notice another person’s smile before making an assessment. Does that sound for reason enough to brush your teeth? If you’re here today, you’ve probably done a lot more than just brushing your teeth. Your dentist recommends brushing twice a day. You thought you could one up by brushing four times a day. I mean, is too much of a good … Read more

Why is CBD good for skin?

CBD for skin

CBD is now more popular than weed, and it’s no surprise considering the potential health benefits, and the fact that you can use it without getting high – I mean, it doesn’t even show up in drug tests! So as the CBD market continues to broaden, we now have more uses for cannabidiol than just treating arthritic joints or managing acute anxiety. CBD is now widely used in skincare both for maintaining healthy skin and for treating a number of different skin conditions. Why is CBD good for the skin? First of all, cannabidiol is a natural compound extracted from … Read more

Unusual Products You’ll Find In Almost Every Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop unusual products

Beauty enthusiasts around the world work diligently to create cutting-edge discoveries and perform procedures in the skincare regime for people to look flawless and young. Beauty brands launch new and exciting products, intending to make us look great conveniently. Subsequently, we incorporate these new skincare inventions in our daily beauty routine to achieve a toned and radiant skin. Almost every beauty supply store is now stocking their shops with skin-perfecting products, from radiofrequency machines and ionic eye massager pen, silicon patches, and microcurrent facial machines. These products can be a game-changer if incorporated in your beauty routine as they help … Read more

Top Beauty Tips For A Glowing Skin

Beauty Tips For A Glowing Skin

Having a radiant, glowy, and beautiful skin is a dream of every woman. But the busy and hectic schedule of life steals the brightness and glow of our skin. You can’t develop a healthy skin overnight or within a few days or months unless you are living in la-la land are wearing Cinderella’s shoes. Impeccable skin demands loads of effort and care. You need to include daily exercise, adequate hydration, and a healthy lifestyle to begin with as there are many factors responsible for making your skin bright, fresh, and soft. Then, you should have a basic level of knowledge … Read more

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks Caused by Implants Fast & Naturally

Getting rid of stretch marks caused by implants

by Terry Carrico Pregnancy and weight gain cause stretch marks around the breast area. But, stretch marks are also caused by breast implants. Surgery or augmentation of the breast causes stretch marks around your skin. If the skin is tight, then the problem will only increase. You can easily deal with stretch marks after breast implant surgery. There are topical creams that can help you to get rid of those marks. Lucent Skin Stretch Mark Prevention Cream helps to reduce stretch marks around your breast area. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind to deal with … Read more

6 Anti-Aging Tips For Younger Looking Skin

by Melissa Mellie Everyone dreams for a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin. Getting this kind of skin is only possible if you have a healthy mind and body. One can use dermology anti-aging cream which fights skin aging and leaves skin looking radiant. It protects your skin from harmful elements. It is a safe and effective treatment for skin aging. It reduces the effects of aging on the skin. It gets you long-lasting results. It helps your skin to retain a youthful look. It efficiently handles uneven skin tones and blemishes. Other than this dermology anti-aging cream one can use … Read more

The Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Hair and Scalp

Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Hair and Scalp

by Jessica Smith CBD is one of the cannabis compounds derived from the seeds of hemp and marijuana. Most CBD compounds found in the market do not have high levels of THC, which is the “high” inducing substance. Apart from benefits such as better sleep, stronger immune system, mood regulation, reduced anxiety, etc. CBD oil turns out to be an active ingredient in shampoos, styles, and conditioners. Before tasking yourself with hair that grows faster, have you ever thought of long and healthy hair? Hair also catches up with age as you become older and due to the pressures from … Read more

12 Reasons Why Rosewater Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Health Routine

Why Rosewater Should Be A Part Of Daily Routine

by Mohsin Shafiq Rosewater, a fluid produced using the steam refining of flower petals, is a homeopathic marvel treatment used since antiquated Egypt. However, it’s not favored merely for it—rosewater had stood the trial of time because of its unique skin beautifying benefits. Dr. Tiffany Libby, a dermatologic specialist in New York City, six things you never thought about rosewater—and why it has to be a part of your daily skincare routine: It’s full of antioxidants The antioxidant is essential for our skin care as it helps to prevent skin issues caused by oxidative stress. Libby skincare specialist says when … Read more

6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Did you know that your skin reflects your inner health? Not only that, but the human skin also mirrors how you live your life — from the diet your follow to the overall lifestyle you lead. This may be why the adage “You are what you eat” came to be. Your skin shows how well you take care of yourself. If you’re stressed, it will show in your complexion and the elasticity of your skin. If you don’t have good sleeping habits, it will also reflect through your skin in the form of dark circles under your eyes. If you … Read more

5 Surprising Uses of Salt for Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails

5 Surprising Uses of Salt for Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails

by Praveen Singh The salt has traditionally been central to beauty care for people of all sexes and age groups. Even today a lot of people trust it to restore the body and skin in a natural way. You can trust it to protect the skin and balance the body. The amazing properties of salt are largely due to the presence of key minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. In fact, most beauty care products today use salt as one of their ingredients to help improve skin health without causing any side effects. Its regular use can help get … Read more