Symptoms Of Achalasia: Diagnosis & Most Effective Achalasia Treatment

The symptoms of achalasia usually start out in a gradual manner but get worse as time goes by. Learn more about what causes achalasia symptoms and the most current methods used to treat achalasia.   Achalasia Definition What is achalasia? The Oxford Languages defines achalasia as follows: “a condition in which the muscles of the lower part of the esophagus fail to relax, preventing food from passing into the stomach.” Achalasia is a rare chronic disease of the esophagus. Achalasia may also be called by other names such as achalasia cardiae, cardiospasm, esophageal achalasia, and esophageal aperistalsis. Image source Causes … Read more

2 Types Of Autoimmune Diseases: Systemic & Organ-Specific Simple Difference

  To meaningfully discuss the different types of autoimmune diseases, we first need to understand what autoimmune diseases are and how they are classified. What are Autoimmune Diseases? When you are healthy, your body’s immune system can tell the difference between your body’s healthy cells and foreign cells. In an autoimmune disease, however, the body mistakes its own cells as foreign. In response, proteins that are called autoantibodies are released which attack healthy cells. A healthy immune system works actively against diseases and as such fends off invaders. When your body’s own immune system turns against your body, you develop … Read more