Oral Health Care During Pandemics: Is Oral Health Still a Priority?

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Oral health care during pandemics should always be considered a vital part of your total health being. When the Covid-19 struck, dentists recommended postponing any elective procedures and provided only emergency dental treatment to prevent the spread of infection and stop the patient from filling up the hospital’s emergency departments

7 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

As caregivers, we prioritize a lot many things for the health and benefit of our child. Taking care of their proper nutrition and exercise is something we treat as being the most critical developmental necessity. In between many things, we sometimes tend to push their dental health aside, primarily because we think it is not essential, or it is too early to intervene. However, children’s dental health statistics confirm a huge percentage of them having to miss school because of some dental issues. Dental care requires our attention as much as the overall health of the child. Let us dive … Read more

10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Teeth

signs you're obsessed with your teeth

What’s the first thing you notice about another individual? Odds are your eyes are probably instinctively looking at their smile. You, and well more than half of the population. In fact, it’s been reported that nearly 78% of all individuals notice another person’s smile before making an assessment. Does that sound for reason enough to brush your teeth? If you’re here today, you’ve probably done a lot more than just brushing your teeth. Your dentist recommends brushing twice a day. You thought you could one up by brushing four times a day. I mean, is too much of a good … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

You must have come across a situation where you or any of your family members suffered from dental issues. There could be hundreds of reasons behind such a situation, including poor eating habits, laziness, lethargic lifestyle, or poor selection of food, etc. This is why dentists believe that maintaining oral health is a commitment for a lifetime. You can never afford to shy away from the importance of oral hygiene. It becomes even more important when you know different gum diseases and cavities can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or even cancer. This is why you should make it a … Read more



You have so many good reasons to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some of them include sparkling smiles, being able to enjoy your favorite food, and avoiding toothache and discomfort. Recent studies suggest that gum disease can lead to many problems in the body, including increased risk of heart disease and many other diseases. There are many ways to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood to old age as recommended by some of the best dentists in Brisbane. It is important to keep your teeth healthy by adopting the right eating habits and consult only the best dentists … Read more

Five Tips to Look After Your Teeth

Tips to Look After Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is crucial for many reasons. Healthy teeth ensure that you chew food appropriately, which is the key to smooth digestion. Apart from that, if some of your teeth are missing or they are not in shape, you will have a hard time to speak clearly. These are just a few instances where healthy teeth come in handy, but the list goes on. If you notice people around you with healthy teeth, mind you, it does not happen by chance. They look after their teeth with great care and caution. In fact, they are the people … Read more

A Beautiful Smile in Style with Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

The most important aspect of aesthetic dentistry is the ability to improve the appearance of a person’s smile and the overall quality of his life. Smiles have a strong impact on everyday life, both professionally and privately, a beautiful smile is the source of renewed self-esteem. For many years cosmetic dentistry has been limited to replacing or rebuilding teeth. Today it proposes a personalized approach aimed at emphasizing the smile as a determining component of the face. It is a safe, fast and non-invasive alternative to face lifting and other procedures designed to make a person look younger and more … Read more

Here’s What You Should Know When Your Child Gets Braces

Dr. Satish Pai Getting braces sounds like a scary, humongous task for the whole family, especially when it’s the child getting the braces. The very name of braces strikes fear into the minds of children and their parents. But dental braces are essential to correct the alignment of your child’s teeth and move them up into a straighter position. If your child has braces or if braces are in the pipeline, you as a parent may have a lot of questions about your child’s life with braces. Here are a few frequently asked questions: When Should My Child First Visit … Read more

Choosing The Right Dentist For Oral Hygiene

by Brianna Normanby When it comes to personal health and hygiene, it is necessary to be under medication of proper and professional doctors. For instance, choosing the appropriate dentist is essential in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. In the recent decade, the medical field has seen a lot of changes in terms of technology and academics. With that, many new provisions and methods have come into the practice to not only maintain your teeth but also to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting damaged. Therefore, it is very crucial to have a good and qualified dentist … Read more

Are Dental Mouthpieces Effective Against Sleep Apnea?

SnoreTek by Anu Shree Sleep Apnea is a chronic sleep condition and it happens when the airways become either entirely or partially blocked as you sleep. If the throat muscles relax to a point where they collapse and prevent the supply of air, this condition can crop up. However, the brain wakes you up for resuming the breathing. At times you will be forced to wake up and at other times you won’t be able to remain fully conscious. This not just interrupts your sleep but also makes you more prone to other health hazards that sleep deprivation can lead … Read more