What to Do With a Knocked-Out Baby Tooth

by Dr. Michael Letham Dental Emergency: What to Do With a Knocked-Out Baby Tooth Most parents panic when they see their child crying with a bloody mouth and a tooth in their hand. But if you know exactly what to do during this specific situation, permanent damage to your kids’ dental health can be prevented. If you haven’t encountered such a situation before, a reputable after hours dentist shares this step-by-step guide that will enlighten you about what to do if your child’s baby tooth suddenly gets knocked out. 3 Crucial Steps to Take When Your Child’s Baby Tooth Gets Avulsed … Read more

Types of Sports That Kids Could Try

Types of Sports That Kids Could Try

by John Martin On the world day of physical activity, what better than teaching how to play sports with children? It is very easy to say that we must play sports with our children, but the hard part comes when we have to choose an activity so they can exercise and have fun. Promote sports at home! You must be the physical education teacher at home and you must promote sports plans so as not to leave your children sitting on the sofa. That yes, we must save time for homework, we will not let them suspend, everything can be … Read more

Identify What Types Of Pests Are Troubling Your Children

by Emily Taylor   Identify What Types Of Pests Are Troubling Your Children “The first day one is a guest, the second a burden, and the third a pest.” It is only humans that the French philosopher Jean-de-la-Bruyere is talking about.  Pests are pests from the very first day. Ants, rats and many other pests infest our daily lives. You would certainly not like to expose our defenseless next generation to them. As a parent, you should know about prevention of pests for the safety of your young ones. Here are some common pests that trouble our children. 1. Rodents … Read more

Baby Grinding Teeth

Baby grinding teeth while awake or asleep may be worrying to most parents. Teeth grinding (bruxism) in babies is quite commonplace, absolutely no need to for any…

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash, or ‘diaper dermatitis’ as the experts call it, is unfortunately a very normal part of childhood. It happens because a baby’s delicate, sensitive …..