Hot Flashes Natural Treatment

Hot flashes natural treatment

Hot flashes are a sensation of extreme warmth in the upper body of women during menopause. Hot flashes symptom is often accompanied by skin redness called flushing, cold and a clammy feeling. In general, these symptoms hit the head and gradually spread downward covering the neck and the chest. Most women in their menopause stage undergo this symptom that lasts from 30 sec to 5 min. However, the average observed is 4 minutes. Hot flash affects around 85% of women either immediately before or after the menopause. Women around the age of 51 years normally get menopause, but the symptoms … Read more

Hormone Replacement Therapy

With the reduction of estrogen, a sex hormone in females, the body may not provide sufficient lubrication to a woman’s extremities. Over time, the…..

Hot Flashes Remedy

hot flashes remedy

Which hot flashes remedy works best? Hot flashes and night sweats are the most unpleasant of the menopause symptoms experienced by women when estrogen levels drop to levels which …

Menopause Treatment Options

menopause treatment options

Menopause treatment options are many, but not equal in effectiveness. Replenish estrogen (females) and testosterone (males) levels by considering HRT, alternative and even home remedies