Explaining the Basics of Keto and How It Works

basics of keto and how it works

A keto diet implies an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates in nutrition. This, in turn, makes the body use, not glucose (digestion of carbohydrates), but ketone bodies (a product of fat metabolism) as a source of energy. Read our comprehensive review on starting a keto diet. Keto diet is an easy way to lose weight and reduce body fat without controlling calorie intake. The essence of a keto is the maximum restriction of carbohydrates in the menu (you can eat only a small amount of green vegetables – sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals). Ready to learn more about the keto diet explained? Let’s … Read more

Zantac and the Potential Danger Of Cancer Symptoms

  Many people around the world suffer from heartburn, while drug manufacturers are making a profit on their discomfort. Zantac or its genetic equivalent ranitidine is one of the many medications used for treating heartburn. For decades this drug is being used and is considered safe to sell the drug over the counter. Zantac is administered even to children. Is Zantac Harmful? Recently Food and Drug Administration has ordered to remove all the ranitidine medications sold under the name Zantac. It got detected that in ranitidine, a cancer-causing chemical is present in this drug. For some people, who took Zantac … Read more

Watermelon Smoothie: Cleanses from the Inside

watermelon smoothie

Watermelon is a fruit that is very popular because of its sweet taste and because it is very refreshing, due to the high amount of water it contains. It is about 90% water and contains several other properties that are very good for your body.

Top 8 Herbal Medicines And Their Benefits

Herbal medicines are as old as man himself. The majority of ancestors belong to the animistic cultures, where it is believed that every element on this planet has a spirit that can be a positive influence upon use.

The Life Saving Potential Of Stem Cell Therapy

As medical science advances, scientists and researchers are coming up with innovative therapies that have the potential to save lives. One of these is stem cell therapy, which holds tremendous promise when it comes to treating a host of diseases, conditions, and injuries. And this is just the beginning as numerous clinical trials involving stem cells are still underway, which means that a lot more new avenues will open up in the future. Essentially, stem cells come from the umbilical cord blood and placenta that are collected and preserved at the time of birth. These can be used for stem … Read more