Benefits of A Rollator Walker When Compared to A Standard Walker

Rollator Walker

Benefits that You Can Get from Rollator Walker in Comparison to Standard Walker

When you find that walking becomes too challenging then you will look for certain mobility aids, so that your movement is not restricted. Nowadays there are different varieties of walkers available in the market that can help people like you, who are not able to walk comfortably due to some reason.

Earlier people used to buy a standard walker that used to provide support to the hand so that less pressure was on the leg. As the technology progressed the rolling walkers appeared in the market with certain added facilities. You may visit the website to see many different models available.


What is rollator?

This is also known as wheeled walker as it consists of wheel, handlebars and also a built-in seat. If you cannot walk easily for certain distance then this kind of rollator can be of great help to you. It can offer you a good support too.

Following are few plus points of rollator over the earlier version of standard walker.

  1. Moving with wheels and not legs

With the advantage of having wheels, your legs will naturally get rest and will not be stressed while moving. Now you can move much faster and smoothly too. For many of you even the standard walker may be quite challenging. With rollator you will never feel tired even after long distance movement.

  1. Brakes can be applied easily

With rollator you can move much faster as compared to standard walker. Since there is a brake facility available in this arrangement and hence by applying brake you can conveniently stop any time.

Also, there is a parking brake available so that you may keep your brake indefinitely.

  1. Compact and portable design

These rollators have been designed keeping people like you in the mind. It is quite compact in shape so that you are able to take it almost every place where you can walk. Often its wheels are concealed.

If you have used standard walker before, then you will find rollator much better option.

  1. Facility of adjusting height

By walking upright, you will not only increase your energy level, but also it will help you to take your breath easily. So, there is a facility available in the rollator to adjust the height on the frame and you can use it by a wide demographic.

  1. Cushioned seat

If you feel tired by standing for a long time then there is a cushioned seat provided where you can rest whenever you like.

  1. Wheels can move on all terrains

There are few models available with all terrain wheels that will enable you to walk around almost all kind of places. When you are in out door, then your movement will not be restricted only within few selected places.

  1. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

Last, but certainly not the least, you can use your rollator very conveniently in both indoor as well as outdoor locations.

Therefore, those of you who have been disabled due to your weak knee or leg injuries have a very good option to move like before.